We Capture

Memories From Above

We Capture

Memories From Above

Breakthrough VTOL Technology


Urban Traffic Congestion has huge negative impacts on our cities - costing Billions of Dollars in lost productivity, increasing levels of air pollution, increasing wear of infrastructure and causing other social & psychological impacts in the community.

Finova Aviation takes the aerial route to solve Urban Traffic Congestion by freeing up road space and putting cars in the sky.

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The next generation of Urban Mobility

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  • Safe

    Engineering breakthroughs provide careful attention to safety, such as no exposed propellers, airbags in driving mode and parachutes in flight mode.

  • VTOL Capabilities

    Take-off and land in a SUV-sized parking space

  • Autonomous Flying

    Fully autonomous in the air with manual optional on road.

  • Green

    100% electric propulsion and will made from eco-friendly material.

  • Aerodynamic Design

    High efficiency on the ground and air to achieve long-range.

  • Quiet Operation

    Sophisticated propeller geometry design ensures a low noise level.


It have two key components

“Next Generation Outer Rotor In-Wheel Motor (OR-IWM) for Driving

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Brushless Motor with Propeller for Flying

OR-INW with High torque and power density, wide speed range, high efficiency, high reliability, and low noise, while being lightweight and compact sized to offer high-torque at low-speed in urban and high speed in highways for driving the vehicle

Drive Mode

Next Generation Outer Rotor In-Wheel Motor (OR-IWM)

OR-INW with high efficiency, high reliability, and low noise, while being lightweight and compact sized to offer high-torque at low-speed in urban and high speed in highways for driving the vehicle. In-wheel motor drives effectively utilize the outer-rotor and are directly coupled with the tire rims. This topology fully utilizes the space, thereby reducing the size and weight, opening the door for really advanced torque vectoring.

Hover Mode

Next Generation Frameless Tilt Motor

A unique compact tilt motor for robust and precision angular rotation for extreme application

Fly Mode

Advance Brushless Motor with Propeller

The propeller with brushless motor connected to the wheel will be stationary in drive mode and will change to a horizontal position to lift and propel the vehicle in flight mode, seamlessly moving from the road to the sky.

About & Visions

Our Company

We at Finova dream to improve the quality of every person’s life through reduced time spent in traffic, reduced stress levels, and more time for work, leisure and family. Finova is a transformative aerospace company aiming to develop advanced air vehicles with the highest levels of operational efficiencies, safety, and community acceptance.

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A Game Changer

In Flying Car

Futuristic multi-utility urban air mobility providing door-to-door transportation for Public and Private use: Inter- and intercity transport of persons and goods, special missions like air ambulance, emergency supply delivery, transport of organs or search and rescue support.

Our technology will be integrated with existing autonomous driving systems, to be fully autonomous in the air and on the road.

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